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August 6 2012

Last year, the Rotary Club of Seaford received a request for funding from the Seaford Musical Theatre, which is based at the Barn Theatre, to start a new section for youngsters in Seaford. The Club was happy to oblige with a donation of £250, and the SMT Juniors project got started.

This summer, the Club received a further request from Paula Woolven on behalf of the Seaford Musical Theatre Juniors. Numbers have doubled to 30 and the minimal cost ensures that the Theatre opportunity is available to all. However, this popularity means there is now a waiting list for spaces and the club has been looking for ways to accommodate extra members. The Rotary Club of Seaford has therefore agreed to give a further grant of £250 to go towards training, costumes, props and other charges that Seaford Musical Theatre incurs in running the Junior section.

Last Friday evening, (August 3rd), Club President, Paul Vaesen, went along to donate the cheque and to demonstrate his theatrical skills. Strangely, a suggestion that he should join the Juniors to hone those skills was dismissed...