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July 20 2012.

Newhaven Port has announced that works will now commence on Monday 23rd July to demolish the old timber quayside of the Railway Quay from the Swingbridge to the No.2 RoRo Berth and to install new starboard hand navigational marks along the existing sheet piling wall. The Gridiron situated just south of the Marine Workshops will also be demolished.

The works are expected to take approximately three months to complete.

The demolition works will all be carried out from the eastern river bank using land-based mobile plant. A boom will be placed around the working area to prevent any floating debris causing a danger to navigation and a safety boat will be in attendance at all times.

The piling works for the beacons is expected to commence on Monday 30th July and will be carried out by the floating crane barge "Doubler" with attendant vessels "Runner" and "Buccaneer".

It is expected that the navigational channel will be kept free for marine traffic at all times but Mariners are requested to pass the area at the minimum speed possible, keep a good lookout for any debris that may escape the boomed area and keep a VHF watch on channel 12 at all times. Mariners are aslo asked to report any problems encountered to Newhaven Port Control and follow all instructions given by the attendant vessels and by Port Control..

The navigational lights (Fl.G.5s) that were situated on the quayside at the northern and southern extremities of the gridiron have been permanently removed and discontinued. Once the new navigational marks have been installed, another Notice to Mariners will be issued with their positions.

Mariners encountering any problems or requiring further information should contact Newhaven Port Control, Call sign "Newhaven Radio" - VHF Channel 12, or by telephone on 01273 612926.