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July 10 2012.

There have been various stories circulating in recent days regarding the future of Newhaven Fort.

A document posted on the Lewes District Council website reports that a feasibility study commissioned by LDC identified four options for the future development of the Fort:

Option 1: Improved Museum and Visitor Attraction - Maintain the Status Quo: Lewes District Council to Own and Operate the Site

Option 2: Mixed Use with Reduced, Improved Museum with Commercial Uses) Lease Part(s) of the Site to Third Party Operator(s)

Option 3: Commercial Uses Only - a) Long term Lease or b) Sell the Freehold

Option 4: Minor Changes - Maintain the Museum as Current with Minor Changes

With reference to the various financial questions and the fact that the Fort is continuing to lose money each year, the recommendation of the feasibility study is for Option 3a - Leasing the Site on a Long Term Lease - to be run as a visitor attraction. This option divests Lewes District Council from the day to day responsibilities and costs of maintaining and managing the site, reduces the District Council's statutory requirements associated with maintaining a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and preserves its heritage and educational qualities.

The recommendations will be discussed at the LDC Cabinet Meeting to be held this Thurday, July 12th.