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June 2 2012.

E-mail received this afternoon from LDC:

Thank you for your communication in response to the statutory notice advertising Lewes District Council's proposed sale of the Lewes Road Recreation Ground for potential hotel use.

We are hoping that this will be the first step in a major regeneration proposal for Newhaven which will be the subject of full consultation with residents if the regeneration projects are progressed.

We are keen to set up a cross-party working group and have also asked the developer to undertake widespread consultation before moving forward with their plans. However, having listened to responses, we have asked that the formal play facility be excluded from the sale and negotiated with the developer that the recreation ground will remain open to the public for four years.

Please check our website at further information/updates.

Nilam Popat

Nilam Popat
Corporate Head - Communities & Enterprise
Southover House
Southover Road
Lewes, BN7 1AB