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June 29 2012.

Newhaven's MP Norman Baker has called on East Sussex County Council to undertake a wholesale review and removal of unnecessary double yellow lines in the town which "stifle local business".

The MP has made his call following a recent trip to the town when he noticed the sheer number of double yellow lines, (hmmm... they have been there a while Norman....),  some of which he believes can be removed entirely, others removed on just one side of the road. A similar review took place in Lewes a few years ago and found a number of yellow lines that could be removed. Their removal freed up parking space for customers to go into Lewes.

Norman says: "It is genuinely surprising just how many of the streets around Newhaven's town centre are clogged up with double yellow lines. Of course, some of the double yellow lines are very important to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, but I could not help but notice that there are others that simply do not really need to be there.

"A yellow line that is not necessary discourages a potential customer from spending in a local shop. In these tough economic times, Newhaven's small businesses deserve all the help that they can get. I believe that East Sussex County Council must undertake this review and remove unnecessary double yellow lines to ensure that all potential parking spaces can be utilised."

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