June 18 2012.

The Seaford Musical Theatre cast of 'When The Lights Go On Again' by Roy Sault, were delighted to hear from the cast of 'When The Lights Go On Again' by R. Rex Stephenson and Emily Rose Tucker who were performing at the same time nearly 4000 miles away in Ferrum, Virginia.

Whilst the UK show focuses on the Parker Family and their community during WW2 in England, the US show is a musical review of WW2 set to a love story of Peggy and Phillip, separated by the United States entry into the war. The differences include 'Jitter-Bugging' at a prom instead of 'Rock and Roll Jiving' at a music hall night and different army uniforms, ranks and communications.

Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre Director, Dr. Jody Brown, was thrilled to hear from The Barn Theatre, in Seaford and both shows spent time after the performances talking to senior patrons and war veterans who were keen to share their real life experiences of World War Two with the casts.

Whilst the next musicals in Virginia will be a USO show followed by a Country and Western sketch, their counterparts in the UK are moving onto a Rock Spectacular called 'We Built This City'. The two theatres hope to keep in touch and share experiences of their upcoming shows.

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