June 2 2012.

Three cheers for Paul Boswell and the Chamber of Commerce!

His item in Haven News yeaterday was not only 100% factually correct, about things like business rates - which have not been set locally since being nationalised during Mrs. Thatcher's time, but also about the true national, (and indeed global), trends affecting all traditional town centres. Such a refreshing change from those who always seek to lay blame everywhere except at the door of their own ignorance or prejudices.

Beyond that, Paul went on to set out a vision for what our High Street area could become in the future. As he says, what's needed is more entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and courage to put their money where their mouth is.

Finally, he points out the great benefit for young and old alike of not in general having to compete for limited space with that double-edged sword of modern life, the car.

More power to your elbow Paul - and to others who think like you and might just take up that challenge.

Cllr. David Rogers OBE,
County councillor for Newhaven & Ouse Valley West.

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