June 1 2012.

Newhaven Port & Properties has has today announced that works will commence on or about Monday 11th June 2012 to demolish the old decaying timber structure of Railway Quay, from the Swingbridge running south to the No. 2 RoRo Berth. These works have been planned for the last two years, but have suffered a number of delays.

The ownership of Railway Quay is split between NPP (South end) and West Register, a subsidiary company of the Royal Bank of Scotland, (North end) and these works are a joint project.

All the demolition works will be carried out from the eastern river bank and working hours are 07.30hrs to 17.30hrs Monday to Friday. However, due to the tidal nature of the works, these working times may exceptionally be extended. The whole job is expected to take approximately four months.

Once all the old timber work has been removed, the exposed river bank will be cleared of all debris and navigational beacons will be installed along the retaining sheet piling wall.

Disturbance will be kept to the minimum necessary to carry out the works and NPP has requested the patience and support of the public, particularly the West Quay residents living opposite the site.

It was of course proposed to further these works by constructing a new public boardwalk along the Railway Quay, along with new ferry terminal buildings, refurbished Marine Workshops and a new superstore, but that proposal was rejected this week in favour of the Eastside Development. However, it is understood that discussions have already taken place between the successful Eastside Developers, Avalon, and NPP, with a view to possible future joint projects in the port area.

Newhaven Port & Properties has stated that it aims to continue to seek ways to regenerate this area in line with the Port Masterplan and for the mutual benefit of the Port and the Town.

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