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May 24 2012.

Following on from last evening's Lewes District Planning Committee's decision in favour of the Eastside Regeneration project, a spokesperson for Avalon said:
'We believe that the Committee made the right decision for the future of Newhaven. We would like to thank the Committee for their careful consideration of the plans in front of them and the large numbers of people from the community who found the time to come along. We know that the Committee faced a difficult choice but by listening to all the evidence if front of them and making a clear decision they have voted to deliver regeneration to Newhaven.'

Rob Philips, Planning Manager, Barratt Homes said:
'We heard loud and clear the comments made by the members of the Committee and will look to build on their desires as the project progresses. We always felt that our mix of housing, retail and employment was the right one for Newhaven and was the only project that was truly deliverable. We are pleased that the Committee came down on our side.'

Oliver Jones, Property Communications Manager, ASDA, said:
'We're really looking forward to becoming part of the community in Newhaven and we believe that the decision was the right one for the whole of the community. We will now get on with the task of delivering the project and ensuring that local people get access to the jobs, shopping choice and housing that they want and urged the Committee to support.'