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April 28 2012.

Arrowcroft confirms its intentions for the redevelopment of Railway Quarter in light of a new report detailing the aspirations of the people of Newhaven.

Arrowcroft release:

The 'Peoples Report' published by Newhaven Town Council this week outlines the findings of a survey collected at last month's 'Big Planning Event' held at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven.

The report highlights the top priorities for the future of the town as specified by local residents which focus on the provision of employment opportunities, the need for a new retail centre, the importance of commercial ventures and the requirement for an integrated transport scheme. The need to improve the appearance of the port area, including the derelict listed buildings, was also identified as a major priority.

The proposal for Railway Quarter includes a number of features that, if approved, could meet the aspirations of local residents. A new foodstore with café and petrol filling station would provide 350 employment opportunities for local people; the restoration of the listed Marine Workshops and Carpenter's Shop for leisure facilities such as restaurants, shops and tourist facilities would create a new retail focus, drawing people back to the town centre; and an improved public transport interchange would provide better links to the town centre. In addition, a new riverside boardwalk and moorings for various leisure craft will improve the appearance of the area and attract significant tourism opportunities.

Daniel Carter, Development Director for Arrowcroft, said: 'The Peoples Report has re-iterated the conclusions we came to following our community consultation, in that residents feel that Newhaven has been left behind and that they are very supportive of regeneration.

'We firmly believe that, should we receive planning permission, the development of Railway Quarter will encourage further regeneration of the town, an opinion shared by many local residents.

'We've had a tremendous response from the public and we hope that the enthusiasm they have demonstrated will help to secure planning consent and begin to transform Newhaven into a prosperous British seaside town.'