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April 28 2012.

The chaos that ensued in Brighton during the change to delivery routes must not take place in Seaford. That is the call from Seaford's MP, Norman Baker.

Royal Mail has announced changes to its delivery routes for the BN25 area over the next few weeks in a phased roll-out which began this week. The changes will result in some receiving mail a little earlier, but some also receiving mail much later. This is part of a more centralised approach to sorting mail and the changing type of mail that is being delivered, with there being far more packages than their used to be and fewer letters.

However, when the changes were introduced in Brighton chaos ensued with week long delays to deliveries which also coincided with a maintenance programme on some delivery trucks that only exacerbated the problem.

Taking this case up with Royal Mail, the MP has received assurances that they have learnt from the mistakes of Brighton and they will not be repeated in Seaford.

Norman says: "I have the utmost faith in our local postmen and women, but I think Royal Mail will acknowledge that there were significant problems in Brighton in how the roll-out of the change was managed. This most certainly must not be repeated in Seaford and local residents will quite rightly not accept the kind of week long delays that took place in Brighton. I have sought assurances from Royal Mail that Seaford will not see similar chaos and I most certainly will hold them to that."