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April 12 2012.

Dear Mr Grumpy,

It is quite clear you are living in a different country to me as free speech is banned in mine as it might lead to a pandemic of truth and honesty instead of the discrimination now imposed on us all by the few unelected arbiters of justice and other Politically Correct jobsworths.

I am not allowed to say what I feel, I am not allowed to do what I want, I am not allowed to know the truth so it follows that I am not allowed to tell the truth, I am not allowed to walk on the beach I played on as a child, I have to put up with being told what to think by the institutionally biased public propaganda broadcasters and I am not allowed to say anything negative about things which are plainly wrong or stupid.

I used to live in a country called England and I am proud to call myself English however, thanks to our MPs I now live in a politically bankrupt dictatorship called europe.

I'd love to live in your country Mr Grumpy, can you let me know where it is?


U Kipper