March 29 2012

Developers of the Eastside site in Newhaven have today issued a timetable of when their plans will be delivered if planning permission is given in May 2012.

Following feedback from Newhaven Town Council's 'Big Planning Event' which took place on 14th March, Avalon Newhaven LLP, ASDA and Barratt Homes have revealed more details about when the plans can come forward and when recruitment will happen.

The indicative timetable is:

- On site now

- Construction jobs for road - recruiting June 2012

- Construction jobs for store - recruiting June 2012

- Construction jobs for homes - recruiting January 2013

- ASDA construction - starts early 2013

- Recruitment for ASDA store jobs - March 2013

- First Phase of Port Access Road - open September 2013

- ASDA opening - October 2013

- First Barratt Homes on sale - Spring 2014

- Second Phase Port Access Road - open 2015

In the days following the Big Planning Event, the Eastside developers claim that a further 23 comments of support have been received by the Council. This is on top of the over 50 already received.

A spokesperson for Avalon said: "We were keen to show how we are different from the other plans being suggested for Newhaven. We can guarantee deliverability, no-one else can. Together Avalon, ASDA and Barratt Homes own the land, have the funds in place and the agreement for our roads plans. No-one else is as advanced as us.

"One developer has already abandoned its plans for the town and the other has serious issues to address before they are ready to go before the Lewes planning committee."

Rob Philips, Planning Manager at Barratt Homes said: "Feedback from the community for our plans was overwhelmingly positive. One of the main questions we were asked was, 'when can you start'. We wanted to provide more details and let people know when the plans will be delivered if the Council give our plans the go-ahead."

Chris Martin, Senior Property Communications Manager, ASDA said: "If the Council had said 'yes' to us back in January we would already be recruiting. We would urge, and so would the local community, that the Council does not delay any further.

"At the Big Planning event, many residents who currently drive to shop at our stores at Brighton Marina and Hollingbury wanted an ASDA store to be built on Eastside as soon as possible. They complained that the high cost of fuel was making their weekly shop very expensive. They wanted an ASDA store in Newhaven.

"The longer we wait for a decision, the longer Newhaven has to wait for the jobs and investment that it is crying out for."

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