March 21 2012.

In a judgement issued today, the High Court has concluded that the West Beach is part of the operational land of Newhaven Port and has overturned East Sussex County Council's decision to register the beach as a village green.

In his judgment, Mr. Justice Ouseley commended the advice given to East Sussex County Council ('ESCC') by the then Inspector, and implied that ESCC had acted properly on the advice they had been given at that time. However, Mr. Justice Ouseley accepted that the village green application site, commonly referred to as the West Beach, is part of the operational land of the port. Recreational use by the public would be incompatible with the statutory functions of the port authority as set out in the Harbour Docks and Pier Clauses Act, and therefore the site cannot be registered as a Village Green.

NPP welcomes the clarification of the legal position.

NPP looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with Newhaven Town Council on achieving regeneration of the Town and riverside and creating new jobs and economic opportunity for its residents.
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