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March 20 2012.

Message from the Town Clerk at Newhaven Town Council:

Newhaven Town Council is very pleased that there was such an overwhelming public turnout at last Wednesday's Big Planning Event.

Approximately 1,300 people of all ages and backgrounds walked through the doors to find out about the proposed developments, some coming as far as London to gain a clear idea.

As the organiser for the event, Newhaven Town Council was actively engaged in conversations with many people who attended.

It was clear from the conversations and the feedback on the day that public opinion varies and preferences were spread across all proposed developments on display. It was also clear on all displays that the public shared their optimism, ideas and concerns.

Newhaven Town Council launched a survey in the Big Planning Event promotional leaflet, on the Council website and at the event. There has been an excellent response with around 500 responses to the postal and on-line survey alone.

Newhaven Town Council is in the process of analysing the feedback from the survey and at the event to establish a balanced set of views from the town and how they fit with what is on offer in the different proposals.

The official Big Planning Event Feedback Report will be available from the middle of April 2012, with more information on how to obtain a copy on the Council's website at the same time.