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March 19 2012.

Local company Cultive8, in partnership with Tideway School, is to host a launch event at the school tomorrow, March 20th, for a new initiative - 'Cultive8 Youth'.

Cultive8 is offering Newhaven businesses the opportunity to develop leadership and resilience skills for their staff and management and has pledged to provide free workshops for schools in return.

In tough economic times it has become difficult for businesses to find the resources needed for essential staff
training and development. Businesses are also no longer able to support  local projects.

'Cultive8 Youth' aims to enable businesses of all sizes to get essential training and at no extra cost give something of real value back to the young people in the local community.

Rob Corbett, Head Teacher at Tideway School: "Over the past three years, students at Tideway have benefitted from input by members of the Cultive8 team. The Cultive8 package gives us a chance to do even more for our students in partnership with the local business community."
The Launch is at Tideway School tomorrow afternoon at 4.00pm.

For further information contact:
Claire Summersby:  01892 653633 or  
Rachel Munns:  01892 665017 or  
Helen Turier:  07920026884 or