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March 19 2012.

The Fugro Seacore Jack-up Barge "Excalibur" arrived in Newhaven at the weekend and is now docked at the West Bite.  The Fugro Seacore is using the port as its base for the next five weeks and has been contracted by EON to install a metrological mast at the site of the proposed Rampion Offshore Windfarm. The 60m x 32m barge will be used to install the 2.5m diameter monopole foundation and be the base of operations for subsequent mast erection and installation of navigational aids and telemetry systems.

Several vessels will be on site to assist during the works, as required, including a vessel undertaking diving operations.

Vessels not involved in the operations are asked to keep a minimum of 500m away from the construction jack-up barge and any associated vessels.

Once constructed, the height level of the installed platform will be 17.5m above LAT, (Lowest Astronomical Tide), and upon completion will display the requisite navigational lights and aids.

The intended Met Mast location is 50 41.2N, 000 20.6W.

The eastern end of Newhaven's West Promenade will be fenced off for the duration of the project for safety and security reasons, as there will be a lot of activity both on the barge and on the quayside.

Newhaven Port Authority has requested the full support of Newhaven and Seaford residents and asks that the boundaries of the secure area are respected for health and safety reasons.