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March 16 2012.

In all the excitement of putting together our packed Haven News Weekend Preview, we forgot to include our local MP's weekend engagements. But let us first congratulate Norman Baker for persuading his fellow MPs to drink tap water instead of bottled water, thereby 'saving' us tax payers some £6000 a year.

Where they will spend this £6000 'saving' wasn't actually explained in the joyous news release that landed this very evening, but no doubt all of us here in the soon-to-be drought-ravaged Haven area will be delighted to learn that there is no water shortage on the cards in Westminster. Perhaps the £6000 could be put towards the rental cost of one of those water cannons that were in the news this week, so the police can patrol the streets of our parched and dying land blasting anyone who is supected of using too much water in their tea? 

Well you will have your chance to ask Norman that very question, or even some serious ones, tomorrow afternoon from 1.00pm when his weekly surgery opens at the council offices at 20 Fort Road, Newhaven. 

On Sunday Norman will be presenting his regular weekly music show on Seahaven FM. He will be playing an eclectic mix of country, jazz and blues, as well as some more modern material. Hopefully he will also be giving us some top tips on how to save water. As ever our good friends at Seahaven FM can be found online at and on 96.3 FM.