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March 13 2012.

Our earlier story has drawn a swift reply and a telling off from the Mayor....

Whilst I enjoy reading your news updates, I feel that this particular item is rather more than that and actually appears to be more of an advertisement in favour of this particular investor's application.

It should be noted that the District Planning Committee did not dismiss this application, merely postponed a decision, to allow all the applications to be given due consideration, based on their individual merits and the future impact they will have on the town.

The history of decisions being made too quickly and without due consideration for the future benefit of the community is all too fresh in the minds of the residents of the town.

We do not want to preside over yet another decision in Newhaven, like the ring road of the 1970's, which most people agree is one of the factors which exacerbated the decline of our town's fortunes. We have the opportunity with these applications to make a considered decision that is right for the town and its long term future. It would not be right to take them on a first-come-first-served basis. That is why we have arranged for the 'Big Planning Event' to be held and give the chance for residents to feed back their thoughts and opinions into the planning process.

I would ask that you try to stay as impartial as we as elected members are trying to do, faced with a great opportunity to shape a prosperous future for Newhaven.

Cllr. Steve Saunders

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