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February 23 2012

Natwest Helpful Banking.  Oh really....?

Following plans to close the NatWest bank on Newhaven High Street, Mayor of Newhaven, Councillor Steve Sunders, has once again written to RBS Chief Executive, Steven Hester, to urge him to re-think the decision.

In his letter, Councillor Saunders points out that although Mr Hester has suggested that all possible alternatives were investigated before taking the decision to close the Newhaven branch, there was in fact no consultation with local customers, community groups, or even the council before concluding that the branch would close.

The Mayor goes on to explain the 'total dismay' felt my the local community following the decision, many of whom raised concerns about the increased costs involved in frequently travelling to a different branch, as well as the security issues surrounding travelling these longer distances with large sums of money.

He also indicates that the vast majority of local customers believe that options such as reducing the opening hours of the branch, were not given fair consideration, especially considering the long term plans for the regeneration of Newhaven as a whole.

The Mayor concludes, 'We urge you to re-think this decision and ask that you properly consult with customers of the branch and other community groups before finalising your plans. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the plans and help liaise with the Town to help you to formulate a more informed decision, that we feel would be of long term benefit to your bank and the local community.'