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February 16 2012.

A reply to the WINDFARM FARCE? e-mail:

I agree with Geoff King. The cost of this wind farm compared to the benefits is questionable.

It is a fact that the maintenance for off shore turbines is massively greater than on shore. The cost of this will be a burden on all, making the cost of the power produced extremely exspensive.

The probable gains to Newhaven must not be overstated. The long term jobs available will be limited to a small number of maintenance positions. The major employment will lie with specalist engineers, the majority of which will come from abroad.

The save the earth Greens are so focused on saving the planet that they have lost the plot. We all need cheap power to heat our homes. To drive business to create jobs. By supporting the most expensive source of power, these objectives will never be achieved.

The way forward is with an affordable energy policy that will safeguard all and future generations.

I White