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February 10 2012.

Seaford Neighbourhood Policing Team have reported suspicious behaviour in the area.

On the evening of 7th February 2012, a Seaford resident encountered a person at their front door who asked to be allowed in. The member of the public refused to allow access to the stranger and asked what their visit related to. In response the stranger wanted to know if the home owner had received their winter fuel allowance.

This in itself is not an offence, but the behaviour of the stranger was viewed by the resident to be suspicious. The resident reported concerns that the area was occupied by a number of vulnerable people who may be prepared to allow this person into their homes.

Sussex Police would like to send a timely reminder that you should always ask unknown persons for proof of their identity and for whom they are working, with use of a security chain as applicable. All legitimate callers should be able to provide this and there should be no offence caused by asking for proof of identity. Please ensure that you are satisfied it is a genuine caller before allowing such a person in to your home.

Contact Sussex Police on 101 should you wish to report a non-emergency incident of this kind.