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February 9 2012

As reported last month by Haven News, Lewes District Council's Planning Department opted to defer making a decision on the Avalon plans for the regeneration of Newhaven's Eastside. The proposal included a development of commercial properties and Barrett Homes, sitting alongside an Asda superstore with a commitment to deliver the first phase of a Port access road as well as bringing 400 jobs to the area.

The Council's conclusion clearly delayed the progress of the Avalon project but now, with the news that an important decision has been made by East Sussex County Council (ESCC), there is renewed hope for the developers.

Having reviewed its current capital allowance allocation, ESCC has included The Port Access Road in Newhaven in the list of projects that the money would cover. This is a long-standing strategic priority for the area.

The developer, Avalon, put forward plans for the regeneration of the Eastside site which included a commitment to deliver the first phase of the Port Access Road. With this County Council decision, the complete Port Access Road is now achievable.

We understand that , whilst agreement would need to be made by the Council on the specific details of the Port Access Road, the delivery by Avalon of the first phase means that this project, which could have significant economic benefits for the town opening up further development and regeneration opportunities, can be delivered.

A spokesperson for Avalon said:
"The decision by the County Council will be welcomed warmly in Newhaven and across the whole of the county. We have worked on our plans for Eastside so that they meet the strategic highways needs of the whole town. Our immediate injection of cash and delivery of the first phase of the Port Access Road means that the Council can be in a position to complete the project at a reasonable cost. Working together - public and private - we can make the Port Access Road a reality."