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February 3 2012

Snow is forecast for the weekend and just in time for the Newhaven Photographic Competition. A touch of the white stuff changes a mundane scene into something quite magical and a snapper into an artist. Okay, so we are going overboard there, but can you spot where this picture was taken during last year's freeze? Click on the image to enlarge.

Both the Highways Agency and the Met Office have this afternoon sent out warnings for snow to hit us some time over the weekend, but that's no need to stay in, especially when there's so much going on in Newhaven and Seaford to keep you occupied. So go on, why not brave the weather and get out there and support your local events!

Tonight, Seaford is in a celebratory mood as the Folk Club reaches its 20th anniversary. Get on down to the Royal British Legion from 8pm to join in the festivities.

There's also live music as the Cinque Ports with AKA rocking it up, or is it down(?) from around the 8.30pm mark, while up on the hill at the Hampden Arms in South Heighton, check out one of our favourite local bands Welcome To Nutsville as they play another set of mixed numbers from rock to pop and blues and more from 9pm.

The Lost Warriors Project - UPDATE - THIS EVENT CANCELLED.  

Saturday also sees the launch of the Newhaven Photography Competition at Denton Island Community Centre. The competition is open to all ages, and there'll be a buffet lunch from 11am.

Finaly, Saturday afternoons wouldn't be the same without a bit of local football, so head over to the Crouch in Seaford for the 3pm kickoff of Seaford Town against Crowborough Athletic in their BC Cup second round match.

So wrap up warm and get out there and support YOUR local events. And don't forget your spade, your fully charged mobile phone, extra clothing, bars of chocolate and a hip flask or two.

Have a good one. Stay Warm!

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