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February 1 2012

Following on from his campaign for the pedestrian gates at Tide Mills level crossing to be fixed, our old friend Mr Grumpy has set his sights on rectifying another local problem - potholes.

The Marine Drive resident is particularly concerned with the sizable holes that have cropped up along Seaford seafront, which in his opinion have been overlooked by the council for quite some time. Here's what he had to say on the matter in a letter to East Sussex Highways this week - his third correspondence in a month:

Another week has passed and nothing has been done about the many Pot Holes in Marine Parade, Seaford, between Edinburgh Rd and Dane Rd. This section of road along by the Salts Recreation Ground is 'littered' with at least a dozen Pot Holes. What does it take to get ALL these Pot Holes mended. Come on East Sussex CC Highways, this is not 'rocket science'.

Let's have ALL the pot holes repaired.

Geoff King
a.k.a Mr Grumpy

To read the rest of what Mr Grumpy had to say about the state of his road, as well as his previous local bugbears, go to our MAIL page.