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January 26 2012.

Pictured :The old swing bridge looking north in 1972 and below it the new bridge in 2012 from around the same position. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Local photographer Richard Walsh has contacted us with a few memories and images of the old Newhaven Bridge in 1972 and the same view looking north in 2012 . We have reproduced his e-mail below and in the MAIL section here at Haven News.

Haven News will be happy to share any other old images or memories of the Newhaven and Seaford areas. Please send to

As a local photographer I have always been interested in the port of Newhaven, especially as I have lived in the town and surrounding area for the best part of 40 years and a good part of that in Newhaven itself. Rummaging through some old photos from the early 70's I came across a small number that have escaped the ravages of time .... and several house moves which I thought readers of Haven News might also be interested in.

I have some very fond memories of the old town and the characters who lived here back then. Looking at the bridge brings back some of the strongest memories as it has always been a major part of the town, if not the most popular! However, back in the 70's it was a regular and entertaining event to see a gang of men fixing a central capstan to the centre of the bridge and placing a man on each spoke, then pushing like crazy to open the bridge. Time consuming, yes, but great entertainment.

The other main thing to notice about the comparison between then and now is the disappearance of the cranes for loading and unloading on the Niorth Quay, a sad reflection on the way waterborne traffic has decreased in the port. There were I think at least seven at one time I think.

It would be really interesting to hear of any other readers' memories of the old bridge and the characters who 'manned' it.

Youtube has a clip of the new bridge opening back in 1974:  

Richard Walsh