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January 18 2012.

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Mr Grumpy is on the warpath again, firing another open letter off to Network rail complaining about the latest modifications to the Tidemills pedestrian crossing....

It is now about six weeks since these new gates were installed at the Tide Mills Level Crossing.

We still have what was described by Clive Robey of Network Rail back in December as 'Temporary Equipment' attached to the North Side Gate.

By 'Temporary Equipment' it is referring to the 'Lumps of Old Iron' secured to the back of the gate by chains and padlocks. Obviously this must be very valuable 'Old Iron' and 'Temporary Equipment' to warrant the chain and padlocks.

This 'Temporary Equipment' was presumably to add more weight to the gate in an attempt to make it 'Self Close'.

This morning we experienced a Southerly wind of probably force 6 to 7 and guess what - The gate was not 'Self Closing'. In fact, it was hanging 'ajar' as usual.

The truth is that neither of the gates has been self closing except on a perfectly calm day when there was no wind at all.

And then, a little later this morning, to my surprise, my amazement and my total admiration - someone, presumably local, has taken it into their own hands to add some 'Temporary Equipment' that does work and does hold the gate shut.

I refer to the piece of old rope probably picked up on the beach. See Photo.

Well Done To Them!!!!!.

And - Still A Very Poor Show From Network Rail!!!!.

What do we have to wait for to get these gates fixed properly - Blood on the Railway Line ??? It will only be a matter of time before a child or a dog runs through these half open gates and into the path of an oncoming train..

So come on Network Rail - This is not 'Rocket Science'.

Geoff King
AKA 'Mr Grumpy'