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January 17 2012

Police are investigating two recent burglaries in the Seaford area.

In the first incident, on 13th January, a property in Grove Road was broken into. It is believed the intruders climbed a 6ft garden fence and broke glass in a patio door to gain entry. A search of the property was made and a gold watch stolen.

On January 16th, witness reports indicate that two males were seen entering a conservatory in Avondale Road. This is being investigated as an attempted burglary.

Although community police stress that burglary in the Lewes District is rare, with the number of recorded incidents remaining relatively low, they urge residents to be cautious when it comes to security in the home. Gold in particular is a high value commodity and can be sold for cash reasonably easily, making it a prime target for thieves. The following advice may seem simple, but it may well help protect you and your belongings:

- Keep all doors securely locked at night and when absent from your home. If you have a conservatory, ensure you lock internal doors and do not leave keys in locks.
- Check that your doors and windows are in good condition and close securely. Use window locks where available.
- Jewellery items should be kept secure within your home and not left on display or in areas where they will be easily discovered.
- It is advisable to keep photographs of any jewellery items or items of value and record any security numbers which could identify items as yours.

If you witness and suspicious behaviour, vehicles or activity, call Sussex Police on 101.

For further advice on home security or property marking please contact your local Police Community Support Officer whose details can be found on the Sussex Police Website