January 5 2012

Following last night's decision by the Lewes District Council Planning Application Committee to defer making a decision on the development plans for Newhaven's Eastside, a spokesperson for Avalon Newhaven LLP said:

"We are very disappointed that the Committee chose to defer our application despite the overwhelming public support we received from the people of Newhaven, not least for the over 400 new jobs being offered.

"Our scheme remains the only one that is deliverable and the only scheme which has county council highway approval. We also have full commitments from ASDA and Barratt Homes, both of whom attended the planning meeting.

"We want to see the application brought back to the Committee in the timescale promised, by April 2012. If not, then we will consider all the options available to us. We do not want to see this opportunity lost for Newhaven, which is the real danger."

Is there a hint of 'use it, or lose it' here? What do the people of Newhaven really want? Let us know by emailing news@haven-news.com
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