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December 16 2011.

Police are reminding residents to keep their windows closed at night this festive season, especially if they are running cables outside for outdoor Christmas lights.

The warning comes after a burglary at a house near Chichester on Thursday, whilst the occupants were asleep upstairs. Burglars got in through an open window that overlooks the front garden. The occupants had run a thick outdoor Christmas lights cable through the window and on to a tree in the front garden. The thieves took a laptop and a PS3.  

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "This is the only case of which we are aware at present, but it does serve as a reminder. If you are running cables outdoors this Christmas try to do so in a way that does not involve leaving windows open or insecure."

Another burglary took place in the same road that night. Computers and computer equipment were stolen.

Now, who leaves their windows open at this time of year.....?