December 13 2011

Clive Robey, a representative from Network Rail, responds to the points made by Mr Grumpy regarding the Tide Mills level crossing:

Dear all

Irrespective of the wind related issues on the gates, I have to advise you all that level crossing gates of this type are deliberately installed to open outwards, in other words, away from the track. This is to avoid any 'blocking back' of users that may possibly find themselves in the wrong place with an approaching train. By pushing at a gate going away from the track ensures they will not get trapped.

With regard to the gate fixing on the A259 side, we are striving to find a solution to suit the weather conditions. The gate must be self closing, the equipment fixed so far is temporary.

With regard to the crazy angle of the fencing and posts, this too is deliberate so as to ensure any users don't get trapped with an oncoming train approaching.

Clive Robey
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