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November 22 2011

Police are reminding drivers to make sure they can see and be seen as shortening daylight hours have coincided with periods of fog across Sussex.

A spokesman said: "Motorists are urged to adjust their driving to take account of the reduced visibility caused by less daylight hours and the likelihood of fog. The potential for slippery road conditions is heightened due to wet leaves when driving near or under trees so please remain alert to the hazards of Autumn.

"Turning on your headlights, not just sidelights, when visibility is poor not only lets you see and be seen - it's also the law. It's a basic thing to do but many people forget, especially when they're driving through fog.

"Drivers are also reminded to check their headlamps. It is not uncommon to see vehicles with only one working headlight on the roads - not only is this illegal, but it means that the vehicle concerned can neither see nor be seen properly. Checking headlamps only takes a minute, replacing them only a few pounds - but it could save a life.

"The onus isn't just on motorists. By putting on reflective clothing, pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists can be seen better in the dark and do their bit towards reducing the increase that we see in accidents around this time of year."

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