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November 2 2011.

Newhaven Town Council to object to any planning application for a travellers site at Denton Corner in Newhaven.

A highly-charged Newhaven Town Council meeting, held at Meeching Hall in Newhaven last night, received a petition of over 1100 signatures from Roger Foxwell of Foxhole Farm and answered a number of questions from concerned local residents, who packed the hall to overflowing. Mr Foxwell explained that he had collected the signatures over the past weekend and that they included signatures from every business in Newhaven.

The council took questions from the floor covering health, security, suitability and legal matters and Newhaven Police also made a presentation to explain some policing aspects.

Councillor Rod Main explained that there is in fact no planning application in place and before Lewes District Council could ever make any such application it would have to consult with the community and interested parties. He also explained that the Denton Depot site would also be highly unsuitable for any such site, because it is liable to flooding,it is adjacent to a main road with a poor safety record, it is next to a site of 'Special Scientific Interest', it is in the National Park and because Lewes District Council simply doesn't have the money to buy the land from East Sussex County Council.

Clearly there is considerable concern amongst residents, and the suspicion of 'another incinerator saga' and the district and county councils simply dumping its problems on Newhaven.

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