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October 26 2011.

Newhaven Port and Properties Limited has issued a statement welcoming the planning application that has been submitted to Lewes District Council by Arrowcroft and RBS, (through West Register Property Investments), to develop the area around Railway Quay.

NPP owns the freehold title of the land, a significant part of which is currently subject to a long term lease by RBS. As the outline planning application area includes operational port land, Arrowcroft and RBS have consulted with the port about its proposal and NPP has apparently welcomed the scheme, which it also says has the support of the ferry operator and the UK Border Agency who work within the Railway Quay area.

The proposed development is said to deliver one of the five key strategic priorities outlined in the emerging Port Master Plan, which is for a sensitive redevelopment of the Railway Quay area that extends and enhances Newhaven Town Centre.

The Railway Quay proposal would also aim to improve the access to and the operation of the ferry and provide new facilities for passengers, designed to enhance the customer experience and lead to increased passenger traffic. This would contribute to the port's continued success and the positive role it plays in the town's and the region's economy.

Following several years of work and consultation, NPP is currently finalising its Port Master Plan, which outlines its vision as to how the port should develop in the future. The Port Master Plan apparently aims to support the wider economic and urban regeneration of the town and NPP is said to be looking forward to presenting the final version to the community in the New Year.