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October 23 2011.

Coastguards launched Newhaven's RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland Severn Class Lifeboat at approximately 12:30 yesterday to a dive vessel which had issued an alert after experiencing engine failure with four divers in the water.

The dive vessel promptly contacted coastguards and had gone to anchor. The divers were on the City of Brisbane wreck, which is approximately four miles south of Newhaven harbour.

The survey vessel Mabel Alice gave assistance by staying with the divers when they surfaced until the lifeboat arrived. Due to the weather conditions the casualty vessel was 750 metres north of where the divers surfaced.

One of Newhaven Lifeboat crew entered the water to assist the divers as they climbed out using a scramble net. Once aboard the divers they were checked, but did not need any medical assistance.

Newhaven lifeboat then returned to the casualty who had by this time restarted her engine. The lifeboat escorted the vessel back into Newhaven harbour where the divers and their equipment were landed at the boathouse.

Second Coxswain Lee Blacknell said, "Thanks to the prompt action of the skipper raising the alarm, we were quickly on scene and able to recover the divers safely."

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