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October 21 2011.

The North Quay Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) has today issued its latest bulletin which is reproduced below. If you have a point of view or comment that you would like to make, then please e-mail us at  

An overview
Construction and commissioning works are in the final stages. This facility is now fully operational and completion by the contractors of the final finishes and landscaping are being undertaken. Handover of the site to Veolia Environmental Services is expected in November 2011. Open days and site visits for local people and groups will commence in 2012, and further information will follow.

Progress to date
July saw waste deliveries reaching full operational levels and this will continue. Construction site activity is reducing so any associated traffic has reduced considerably. Once the rail connection facility by the Day Group is complete, which is expected before the end of the year, this will further reduce road transport. Both streams are processing waste and will continue to do so. Commissioning and performance tests on the turbine are now complete. Since September electricity has been generated from local people's waste and about 16.5 Megawatts of electricity is being exported to the National Grid, which is equivalent to enough electricity for 25,000 homes continuously.

What's happening now?
The contractors are finishing off general work such as landscaping, the fit out of the offices and optimizing the plant. Also final handover tests and procedures are being undertaken to ensure a smooth and complete handover of the facility. Preparations are under way to move contract staff from Portslade into the new building in November.

Controlling emissions
To operate the facility Veolia has been granted a permit by the Environment Agency. Various procedures and controls need to be complied with, which ensure that potentially polluting substances that may be in your waste are controlled to a safe level in this facility. Part of our controls includes a continuous monitoring system that allows us to measure and control emissions from your waste. Veolia must comply with stringent emission controls, which will be monitored by the Environment Agency for the life of the facility. To find out more visit our website, details below.

What is visible from the chimneys?
At times the plume will be visible from the chimneys. During the colder winter weather this is more likely than in the summer. Just like your kettle you can see the steam plume, this is because very hot water vapour condenses when it hits colder air. The greater the difference in temperature, the more visible the plume is. Just like a cloud, the more water vapour the darker it is, and depending on the position of the sun it can cast a shadow; this will disperse very quickly though, as it is rising up into the sky. Please be assured you are not seeing any pollution.

Site working hours
The site is now operational so will be manned 24hrs a day every day. Waste reception hours are: Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm, Saturday 7am -6pm. On Sundays, Public and Bank Holidays, street sweepings and no more than 10 deliveries of household waste, shall be delivered to the site between 8am - 5pm.

Find out more - Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more via our website in the enquiry section or call 0845 3550550.