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October 14 2011. 

October is the tyre industry's 'Tyre Safety Month' and Sussex Police has joined forces with safety organisations and motor trade companies to raise awareness of the dangers created by defective or illegal tyres.

The first awareness day took place at Tesco in Lottbridge Drove at Eastbourne where officers from Sussex Police's casualty reduction team at Polegate linked up with Tyresafe, one of the UK's leading tyre safety organisations and Chandlers Mini from Hailsham to provide free inspections and advice about tyres.

PC Phil Barrow said: "While there are the obvious hazards posed by worn tread and damaged sidewalls, even tyres that appear to be in very good shape can have their effectiveness markedly reduced by under or over-inflation, poor balance or tracking and hard to see foreign objects such as nails that may have become embedded between the treads. Well maintained-tyres are essential at any time, but become even more important as we head towards the harsher weather conditions that we expect in the winter months." 

Most tyre supply and fitting specialists offer a free inspection and advice service.