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October 11 2011

The newly formed Seaford Bonfire Society (SBS) continued to resurrect former glories last Saturday, 8th October. It not only attended the Eastbourne Bonfire Celebrations, but also came away with the title "Best Visiting Society".

Chairman Steve Russell, who accepted the award from Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd on behalf of the society, said, "We are proud to receive this award on just our second-time-out visit. It is a testimony not only to the 35 front-line members who marched through Eastbourne, but also to our members who have been working so hard in the background"

Around a thousand people took part in the spectacular Eastbourne parade, which involved more than 20 bonfire societies. SBS spokesman Kevin Gordon said, "The boys and girls of the Seaford Society looked fantastic and we were very well received by both the crowds and other bonfire societies"

The society's newly acquired trophy was sponsored by the Pentacle Drummers, a group which will also provide the backbeat to the upcoming Seaford parade on 22nd October. The Seaford celebrations will involve a torch-lit parade to the War Memorial, before continuing on to the Martello Fields where a bonfire and free firework display will be held.

It's still not too late to join the fun, with the SBS 'Badge Night' being held at the society's headquarters, the White Lion in Claremont Road, from 7pm on Friday 21st October.

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