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October 10 2011

Local MP Norman Baker swapped Question Time for milk time to celebrate World School Milk Day on the 28th of September with the children of Seaford Primary School.

Seaford Primary School was one of thousands of schools across more than 40 countries taking part in celebrations dedicated to World School Milk Day this month. The day teaches children about the benefits of drinking milk and how it is vital for building healthy bones and teeth and improves a child's concentration, memory and creativity.

Mr Baker took on the role of milkman, handing out milk to the children and speaking to them about the benefits of milk and how it is produced.

He said: "It was a pleasure to be able to spend World School Milk Day with the children of Seaford Primary School as it was a great chance to let the children know about the benefits of milk, how it is produced, and the fact it tastes great as well. I certainly had fun as the resident milk monitor and I hope the children did too."