October 7 2011.

A Newhaven man has been found guilty of burglary after a two hour trial at Brighton Magistrates' Court yesterday. Marcus Streeter, 19, of Gibbon Road, Newhaven was convicted of burglary at the Fort Road scout hut in Newhaven back in June.

The court heard how Streeter's blood was found at the scene along with a matching shoe print. In his defence Streeter said this was because he was looking for a suicidal friend, who he believed was in the scout hut and that the window was already smashed when he arrived.

PC Justin Denney from Newhaven Neighbourhood Police Team said: "I am pleased that Streeter's fabricated story was dismissed by the court and that he was found guilty. The scout hut is enjoyed by many from the local community and this conviction sends out a strong message that criminality of this kind will not be tolerated."

Streeter was sentenced to 100 hours unpaid community work and ordered to pay £100 in compensation and £50 in costs.
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