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October 3 2011. 

Believe it or not, the grassed area on West Quay, Newhaven between the Chapel Street car park and the fingerposts and seats doesn't have an official name. Newhaven Town Council has been asked by Lewes District Council what it should be called.

Historically this area was called Huggett's Field after the local landowner. More recently some local people have been calling it Huggett's Green, perhaps to reflect its new character following the development of the West Quay. The Fish Festival organisers, however, call it West Quay Lawns.

What do you think? Email or telephone the Town Council now to let them know. Huggett's Field? Huggett's Green? West Quay Lawns? Or something else?

The name that gets the most votes will be the one they choose.

Email: or tel: 01273 516100