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September 28 2011

Pictured: Newhaven Lifeboat aids other emergency services in rescuing distressed female from swing bridge. Picture by Gary Smith.

Coastguards launched Newhaven's RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland Severn Class Lifeboat in the early hours of Tuesday 27th September to assist other emergency services with a distressed female on a structure at the swing bridge.

The casualty was threatening to jump into the river Ouse. The Lifeboat launched its Y boat (small inflatable) where crew stood by ready to make a recovery from the water if required.

Due to the height of the tide the lifeboat positioned itself close to the east of the structure whilst the Y boat covered the west side. Coastguards then entered from the south after being transferred from the river bank on the Y boat.

The lifeboat worked closely with Coastguards and Police services. After approximately 45 minutes the female entered the water from the structure and was rescued by a coastguard rescue swimmer and two volunteer lifeboat crew members in the Y boat.

The casualty was taken to Newhaven Lifeboat Station where she was transferred into the care of the Police.

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