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September 20 2011.

Seaford now has three 'No Cold Calling' zones following recent Sussex Police panel meetings. These initiatives empower residents to say 'NO', reduce reports relating to rogue traders, prevent distraction burglaries and improve confidence.

Cold calling remains a concern and Seaford Police advise residents that cold callers and door knockers continue to operate within the town. Residents are urged to contact Trading Standards before allowing anyone with these business practices into their homes, or agreeing for them to undertake work.

While sales people can be genuine, it is always advisable to call trading standards: 

The advice code is:

STOP - Are you expecting anybody. Do they have an appointment?

- Secure your door bar or chain before opening the door.

- Ask for and double check the caller's identification badge.

Contact East Sussex Trading Standards:
Phone: 0345 60 80 197