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September 9 2011.

What a great weekend we have lined up with Seaford Live! rocking into its second weekend of music, entertainment and the arts at one end of the bay and Newhaven rolling right on back with more of the same.

The weekend kicks off with the Steve Lockwood Band (pictured) rocking on up at the Hampden Arms from around the 9pm mark. Great reviews for Steve and the band and if you miss them tonight then you can catch them at Seaford Rugby Club tomorrow night.

On a more gentle note, perhaps, there is the choice of the Archway Gospelish and Contemporary Choir at the Seaford Con Club, or the Seaford Baptist Church Concert in aid of WAVES, while Terry Lees plays for the Seaford Folk Club at the British Legion club .

It's not all on the soft side in Seaford though, as Eastern Promise Western Mind are at the Cinque Ports from around 8pm.

Saturday sees the start of the Seaford Museum and Heritage Society Heritage Weekend. at Seaford Museum on The Esplanade, while the Seaford music scene starts early with a Folk Club Singaround at the Office Bar from around 1.30pm and Terry Lees has a Guitar Workshop at The British Legion Club from 2pm. The Mayor also has an Open Garden from 2pm at White Corner, 80 Sutton Road.

Over at Newhaven Fort there is a Rationing and Grow Your Own Lecture at 2.30pm, (see 'What's On' here at Haven News for full details), and Ian Everest is giving an historical talk on Newhaven, Denton and South Heighton at St Leonards Church at 7pm.

Back over to Seaford for a packed evening music scene where acoustic duo Daylight Saving are at the office bar from 6pm, while Illuminations play the first set at the VBar, followed by Mel's All Star, Rory Greenwood starts the evening off at the Old Boot, followed by John Crampton and The Riffz are at the Shore. As we mentioned above, the Steve Lockwood Band are at the Rugby Club.

Meanwhile, over in Newhaven, local band Welcome To Nutsville are back at The Ark.

Sunday sees the Battle of Britain Commemoration at Newhaven Fort. This is a special day of 1940's nostalgia and remembrance.

Over in Seaford the Seaford Rock and Jazz Orchestra see the weekend out with a "Hit the High Notes" show at the Con Club.

Pheeeew! Well if you manage to take in all of the above then you will need to rest until next weekend...

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