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September 7 2011.

Volunteers on Newhaven's Severn class Lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland were tasked to assist an Ex Arun class Lifeboat in gale force 8 winds and driving rain after both engines failed on Monday night. 

The crew were paged at 19.54hrs following a request for assistance from the casualty vessel which suffered failure of both engines half a mile south of Seaford Head and was drifting towards the shore. The vessel is now used for Marine Survey work and was on route to Brighton Marina.

Working in conjunction with HM Coastguard the crew of the Newhaven Lifeboat battled through the rough conditions to locate the casualty. Once on scene a tow line was passed and the vessel was safely towed into the harbour. The casualty vessel was moored on a berth close to the lifeboat station where a mechanical examination could take place.

The lifeboat returned to station and was back alongside and 21.05.