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September 5 2011.

Picture shows the Zapcat speedboat as it capsizes off Beachy Head from its on board camera.

Volunteers on Newhaven's Severn class Lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland were tasked to a Mayday call from the helmsman of a 'Zapcat' about one mile south of Beachy Head yesterday afternoon. 
A Zapcat is an inflatable powerboat built for high speed with a power to weight ratio that rivals a sports car. The Zapcat had capsized after hitting a large wave, throwing all three crew into the water, which was dramatically captured on a waterproof camera on the craft.

The crew, who had been seen clinging to the upturned vessel, called for help. Newhaven Lifeboat launched within minutes and was on scene a short time afterwards. The three crew were transferred to the lifeboat and checked for injuries. Fortunately no one had been hurt.

Nick Gentry, crewmember of the Newhaven Lifeboat said "The crew of the Zapcat were wearing all the necessary safety equipment and the helmsmen was clearly proficient in using a VHF radio and flares, which made this a fairly straight forward rescue. Without all the correct safety equipment and correct training, this could have been a very different situation. We are glad that no one was injured in the incident."

The craft was secured to the lifeboat and brought back to Newhaven Harbour. The craft was lowered back into the water and the crew were able to be transferred back on board. They then moored it safely in the adjacent marina.