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August 31 2011.

Channel 4 has been in Newhaven looking for locals who are looking to buy or sell a property and take part in a new programme titled 'Secret Agent'.

Each episode of Secret Agent features one house that just won't sell. The owners are at their wits' end, they desperately need to move, but no one is interested in buying and they can't figure out why. They need help. And they're getting it - from an unexpected source.

These vexed vendors don't know it, but one of Channel 4's top property experts is about to step into the breach and act as their secret agent - seeing the property through the eyes of a picky house-hunter and helping turn it into a house that sells.

Brokering deals across the country this Secret Agent will be working with multiple sellers and buyers on their mission to get the market moving - One house at a time, no matter what it takes.

Filming for the Newhaven show start in September.