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August 9 2011 

Newhaven Port Authority has issued a notice that demolition works are expected to commence on Monday 15th August 2011 of the unsafe structure known as North Quay Cemex Berth (Berth No.3).

The works will be carried out by the WPH Marine crane barge "Doubler", with attendant vessels Coastal Pioneer, Runner and Buccaneer.

The Buccaneer will also be acting as safety vessel during the works.

The works are expected to last for four weeks.

The vessels will exhibit signals and lights as per International Regulations and will at all times be contactable on VHF channel 12.

All vessels are to navigate this area with caution whilst the works are in progress and give as wide a berth as possible at slow speed.

Mariners encountering any problems or requiring further information should contact "Newhaven Radio" - VHF Channel 12. Tel: 01273 612926

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