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July 20 2011 

Volunteers on Newhaven's Severn class lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland rescued a local fishing boat, the Salva Mea, at 9.56am yesterday. The boat had snagged its nets on rocks and around the propeller, which caused it to become entangled on a rising tide.

Once on the scene, the lifeboat crew launched the Y boat (a small inflatable) and assessed the situation. With nets out both forward and astern on its starboard side, a plan of action was agreed. The Y boat moved to the vessel's port side and a crew member used a grapple hook to grab the fishing net. The net was bought to the surface and the skipper of the fishing boat then manually recovered the forward part of the net.

The casualty was taken back to Newhaven, and the lifeboat returned to station at 11.14am.

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