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July 7 2011 

This month sees the Newhaven Incinerator switch into a higher level of waste burning after two months of shakedown testing.

According the latest North Quay Recovery Facility Bulletin, the facility will gradually increase through-put and generate its first electricity. If work progresses on site as expected, the plant will be receiving the planned waste deliveries from refuse collection vehicles and bulker lorries.

Local residents may notice some venting of steam on occasion but this will now reduce over the coming weeks. This venting procedure is part of the normal commissioning process, which is controlled to be carried out safely.

According to the Bulletin, the plant will become fully-operational by the end of the Summer following the completion of the commissioning, checking and testing of all safety procedures.

Up until now, there has been a lot of steam during the Steam Blowing Commissioning Stage which we are told is far greater than it will be in normal operation. And as commissioning progresses, there will be less and less steam observable from the building roof. For safety reasons, boiler relief valves may lift periodically to protect equipment from over-pressure, and steam is directed to silencers before it's released. Residents are assured that these noise emissions should not cause a nuisance as the facility prepares to go into full-capacity Waste burning during August, and when the final concrete panels are erected and landscaping finalised.

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